4 Questions To Save You THOUSANDS

Trust me, it's about more than just the percentage of commission they charge.

So you’re going to sell your property…STEP 1 = Find an Agent.

Sounds like a simple point to check off on the list of things to do before selling. Right before organising a mortgage payout, arranging your legal services, maybe even a few minor renovations or touch ups? But this first step will either make or lose you thousands of dollars.

So how do you know you’ve made the right choice? What are the questions you should actually be asking when interviewing an agent? Trust me, it’s about more than just the percentage of commission they charge.

Questions To Ask

1) Who will buy my home?

This is a question you should also ask yourself. Do you know who your target market is, your ideal buyer? When you go to market, your realestate agent needs to know who they are marketing to. Will your home likely be bought by a first home buyer, an investor, a family or professional couple? Knowing this is key to understanding what might need to be done to your home prior to listing, how to style your home and the language used in marketing material.

The Leanne Difference: I am an expert in digital marketing and understanding who your target market is. This means I am able to effectively and very accurately target my advertising to the most qualified of potential buyers. I understand the Toowoomba property market and keep up-to-date with the current property trends in the region. I know how to market your home for a more effective campaign.
2) How much do you think we will get?

To be fair, this is probably very much at the top of your questions. After all, it’s a huge driver of our desire to sell and we all want to make a profit. But beware the agent that tries to oversell you. Get your property appraised and pay attention to their Comparative Market Analysis. Are they comparing your property fairly?

The Leanne Difference: Advice you can trust. I am fair and reasonable in my assessment of your property. If you price yourself out of the market and your listing goes stale, buyers will think there is something wrong with your property. You could find yourself sitting on the market for months and forced to reduce your price once or even twice. Worse, if you have to reduce the listing price, people often wait for yet another reduction or they will come to the table with an even lower offer. Your best option, is to get a trustworthy appraisal to begin with.
3) How will you market my home?

Does the agent understand where people are looking for homes or how they search online? Most don’t. Do they ask the questions of people when they come to open homes if they found this property online, in the real estate guide or by driving around? If they don’t know, how are you sure they are spending your marketing money appropriately. You can’t sell a secret. You do need to spend money advertising your home, but you are better off spending your money where people will actually see your home.

The Leanne Difference: I know that the majority of people that enquire about my listings, or come through my open homes have seen the property online. Which is perfect! I KNOW online advertising. Digital advertising takes many forms for my clients and is a fraction of the cost of print advertising. Targeted Facebook advertising has resulted in a 30% increase in online listing views for my clients and my networking skills have also got my clients deals with Domain and Realestate.com.au that aren’t available to other agents, saving thousands of dollars!
4) How Much Commission.

While this shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in choosing which agent to list your property it is of course an important question to ask. One agent may offer 2.2% commission while another is 2.8%. That seems like a big difference but on your $500,000 property this is a difference of only $3,000. That $3,000 in commission you save, could cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on the sale of your property if that cheaper agent doesn’t know the answer to any of the questions above. List for the wrong price, focusing on the wrong target market and advertise in all the wrong places and you could be on the market for months longer than you hoped and selling for tens of thousands of dollars less.

The Leanne Difference: Let’s just say I come with all the extras… Digital Marketing Expert, Interior Designer and Decorator plus over 20 years buying, renovating and building homes in Toowoomba. I provide you with advice on where your money is best spent. Should you renovate your bathroom or simply paint before selling? I have my own personal collection of furniture and homewares I have used to style clients homes with simple yet very effective results. In property, who you know can make all the difference and my local and national connections both personal and online exceed 70,000 and are constantly growing.

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