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Micro moment top tips

Micro moment Number One

Food for thought as you consider your “be there” search strategy: People often search for inspiration for holiday destinations based on geography or on a type of trip someone has in mind.

60% of searches for destination info comes from mobile devices

“Glamping Destination” , “Honeymoon Destination” or “Australian Destinations”, are common searches seen on Google. While these searches happen on all screens, 60 % of searches for destination information come from Mobile devices (*Google). New searches like best time to visit (destination) searches have increased by 50% as of march 2016 year over year on smartphones(*Google)

Leisure travelers today are as likely to shop for flights on their smartphones as they are to shop for music

Top 5 Things

Top 5 things travellers look for in micro-moment search activity are

  1. Prices
  2. Reviews
  3. Pictures
  4. Activities at Destination
  5. Availability

More than one in three discovered a new travel company or travel destination while researching on their mobile. For more insights follow my Facebook page or Linkedin

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