As part of Bernard’s opening address we were asked “What are our authentic values?” in general as a society we are less trustworthy. What is the population looking for – Regional – Tribal – Communal.

It was revealed that Toowoomba loses its people from the age of 25 to the bustling cities and they return at 45, this is a common occurrence for most regional towns and we need to address this issue. By improving our livability options we could see the earlier return of our Toowoombians and they could ‘family’ here and not see it as a place of retirement. For a vibrant Regional city we need ‘Youth’ and ‘Energy’. It is great to see the vibrancy in our emerging cafe hot spots and Wow, we also have two Roof Top Bars, unbelievable.

Burrow Cafe on Bridge Street

For me, now I am hearing my children and their friends saying – “I cant believe I actually want to come back to Toowoomba and live and why no,t with all the new opportunities being provided by our modern day pioneers. It’s not often that you have a family decide at their kitchen table -Toowoomba needs an airport and we better build one, a story shared to me by John Wagner and that is a complete article in itself. Most of my dealings around a kitchen table is signing a contract for a house and I thought that was a pretty substantial decision making moment.

“Airports are the pistons for jobs growth” – Bernard Salt

It certainly has been a busy week of updates for me and being the stats girl that I am, here are some that you might find helpful. If you are wondering why economist are starting to consider ‘Toowoomba’ as an excellent option for property investment, this will definitely be interesting to you.

Toowoomba’s Top 5 Suburbs for Price Growth (by Hometrack)

  1. East Toowoomba 24%
  2. North Toowoomba 17%
  3. Toowoomba City 9%
  4. Kingsthorpe 8%
  5. Harristown 5%

While we have witnessed the property market slump in major cities (Melbourne -5.6% and Sydney -8%) -, Toowoomba has held firm and even produced growth in double digit figures. With even better news from CoreLogic with ‘Australia’s average housing affordability is the best it has been since 2016 with property in some cities and regions the most attainable it has been in decades, according to new ANZ-CoreLogic research.’ see the full article here

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