Harder Market

Brawn Vs Brain in the harder market

Stronger or Smarter

In an era where image is everything, it speaks louder than words and enhances our ability to be imaginative, why is getting the job done still an image of strength? I am not challenging how this agent wants to depict how he gets things done, but why in one of the most equal of playing fields, is strength required?


Over the past thirty years, I have been in the construction industry and heavy lifting is certainly required when it comes to wall frames, bricklaying well just about anything I can think of. However I can paint really well, I can even grout tiles, and have amazing design ability with over 27 Awards. But the one outstanding quality to my success has been listening.

Most of our construction clients chose to work with Phil & Myself because we took the time to listen and understand their needs, wants and position. We were able to communicate to our clients what all the black lines meant on the piece of paper that they brought to us. Don’t assume that everyone has ‘Imagination’, when it comes to buying, selling or building.¬† During a house construction, I was having a meeting with our client and I was asked what the numbers where on her plan? I said window sizes and then I began to realise how much people don’t understand and from then on I never assumed -‘You knew’

Brawn V’s Brain

I was listening to a TED talk this morning and it stated that the brain can process 500 words a minute and we have the ability to talk 230 words a minute and therefore we need to take the time to STOP and listen. Clear the background noise, stop multitasking in your mind and be ‘In the moment’, that is true communication.Value your customers

Value your customer and they will value you, you need to grow your tribe who will market, promote and refer business to you – your ‘Brand’, my favorite quote is “Your Vibe, Attracts Your Tribe”

Developing, Building and Selling is my passion,

I love what I do, it is fun and time consuming but at the same time brings lots of joy! Follow and Like my Facebook page to stay up to date with our Renovation Journey.

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