Imagination Sells

A clever author once wrote, “Engage the imagination, then take it where you will. Where the mind repeatedly journeys, the body will surely follow. People go only to places they have already been in their minds.”

  • ·        Nothing sells product more than a good visual.
  • ·        Nothing is more visual than the human imagination.
  • ·   No medium stimulates the imagination better than images

So how do you engage the imagination? Never assume everyone has the same needs and wants.

Let’s say you see a print ad with the words dream car, or dream vacation in it.

The picture, static or moving, limits your imagination, because not everyone has the same dream. (Lots of marketers think everyone shares their dream, but we’re all so very different!)

Digital marketing inspires the imagination when paired with visuals and key words like ‘dream’.  The end result is, more followers actively pursuing what you have for sale. Printed materials limit your offer. Digital should be an imagination-engaging approach that opens up opportunities.

Appeal to emotions. Be authentic. Focus less on price and let the subtle intrusiveness of digital connect you to your next customer.

Social Marketing works when you engage the imagination.

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