Social media requires imagination

Why is it often hard to start with your Social Media strategy?? Because there are so many choices and often business owners are too distracted in what they do best to stay up to date with Social Marketing options.

Let alone deciding on target market demographics, likes, dislikes, style guide, posting frequency, time of day and we haven’t even got to content. I can already see clients eyeballs spinning and we haven’t even started talking about- Adverts or campaigns.

But start talking about a holiday or quick getaway and everyone has a favourite, place, hotel or destination. You can even smell the salty air when you are talking about a cruise to the Greek Islands and IMAGINE seeing the sun setting over the spectacular white stonewashed buildings. #imagination #travel

Cruise 1

How you feel, touch and see a holiday is how you need to imagine what your perfect client looks like, what they think and how they shop.

I have included a quick reference chart about social media platforms and demographic interactions.Thera, Thira, Greece


Stunning locations, spark the imagination!

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