Most Popular Suburbs in Toowoomba

The last 6 months of realestate data hit my inbox and...hold on to your socks, there were some interesting trends!

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The latest Toowoomba Region Insights Report from Domain hit my inbox with the last 6 months of realestate data…hold on to your socks, there were some interesting trends! It didn’t come as much of a surprise to see Newtown coming in as the highest interest suburb with the most enquires for both houses and units. It’s been a very popular suburb for years now with both home owners and investors alike. It’s proximity to the city plus being on the northern side close to the second range crossing and the new development site for the next Toowoomba public hospital has kept demand up for this part of town.

What did surprise me though was to see Gatton take out the number two spot for most enquires for houses!

It shouldn’t really though, as the bigger land sizes and the boom of nearby Plainland make Gatton an affordable and convenient place to live. Plus the commute to Toowoomba is an easy 20-30 minutes.

My prediction that Harristown would see some movement and suburb creep from next door Newtown is coming through in the stats as well. Coming in at 4th for most popular suburbs, Harristown is seeing a boost in interest as investors start renovating and breathing new life into the leafy streets.

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