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3 Great Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

I see groups of people come through my Open Homes every week, with very few asking questions while they are there. Usually, it is at my instigation that the questions might begin. So I thought I would provide three great questions to ask at an Open Home

  1. Has the property been on the Market for a while?
    1. Is there a reason why?
  2. How does this home compare with other properties in the area?
    1. Did you know your Real Estate Agent can supply you with a Comparative Market Analysis
    2. It will show an example of Just Sold and Just Listed
  3. Why are they Selling?
    1. Assists with knowing the motivation, when making an offer
    2. The price might be negotiable

Working with a Real Estate Agent shouldn’t require a leap of faith

Make the most of your time at an Open for Inspection and enjoy the great one on one time with the Agent. I am more than happy to follow up any questions and do my best to supply you with the extra documentation you might require.

Next week: 3 Questions to ask before making an offer

Leanne Gillam

House Estate Agent Toowoomba – “My main clientele are Independent Women”

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