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Two common questions about listing your home For Sale and the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Two common questions

There has been a few questions posted in various Facebook groups and rather than several long posts, I thought I would accumulate the Questions and Answers here..

Question: Should I be listing my home now?

The lady who asked this question also went onto to say that, they were planning to list in the next couple of months before the Pandemic shutdown. The motivation for selling, is a new home they would like to purchase. Short answer is while your motivation for buying is still relevant so would be your potential purchaser. This change in our current way we work happened overnight, but our buyers haven’t disappeared overnight and as we settle into the new way of conducting business it is up to the Real Estate Agents to harness the software and techniques available to service their clients.

New Offer

Realestate.com.au and Domain who are the online portals for marketing Real Estate now have a COVID-19 Policy in place and I said I would share it here for future reference:


  • Any listing published on site from 1 March to 30 June 2020 that needs additional time to sell or lease due to COVID-19, will be eligible for a re-upgrade to the same tier and duration as the original listing at no charge
  • Any residential listing published on site from 1 March to 30 June 2020 that needs to be withdrawn due to COVID-19, will be eligible to be relisted by the same agency at no charge when relisted within 180 days of removal^
  • Contracted price changes that were due to be effective on 1 July have been deferred until further notice

Let me know if you would like more information about these offers

Relative importance

How will the property Market be affected?

(Information from Realestate.com.au)

‘Despite unprecedented lockdowns, Australia remains passionate about property with more than 1.4 million Australian’s continuing to visit realestate.com.au each day. Consumers have been quick to adapt to life in lockdown by engaging with new digital tools and content to help shortlist properties. Searches for properties for sale and rent are also increasing.

For the Digital Savvy Real Estate Agent, they have a captive audience while we are all in self isolation and now is the time to find a passive buyer.  How often have you bought something without intending to? I know its not like putting a pair of shoes in your shopping cart, but it happens.

Have you been to Bunnings lately? Apparently everyone has more time to do those odd jobs they were putting off and this will reduce the time it will take to prepare homes ready for sale.  You never know you might just get ‘door knocked’ by a Real Estate Agent with a buyer, they’re out there. But if you are planning on selling, my advice is to put your best foot forward with a well presented home and ready to meet the market.

Scarcity in the market place is being artificially created by spooked homeowners withdrawing their properties from Sale, and this is the opportunity for you to gain a better Sale price. The latest housing figures for March (CoreLogic)  shows housing prices held and in April we are seeing quantity of listings diminishing, mainly attributed to withdrawals from Auctions(new restrictions).  While these statistics are based on the Easter weekend which traditionally is a quieter time for home sales and Auction clearances, lets see  what lies ahead. Based on discussions and questions coming my way, this week – not sure whether I would call it confidence or more curiosity about what’s next….

I would love to hear from you if you have a question

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