Suburb spotlight – Rangeville

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Rangeville is a suburb of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, located 5 kilometres south-east of the city centre. At the 2011 Census, the suburb recorded a population of 8,217.

An area of 10.1 sq kilometres and is in the State Electorate – Toowoomba South and the Federal division – Division of Groom. Local Government Area Toowoomba Region.

Rangeville could easily be classed as the family orientated area with the predominant household structure comprising of  43% couples with children, followed by Childless couples 28.2 %, lone households 12.5%, single parents 8.5%, other 5.2% and group households 2.6%.(statistics provided ABS)


When considering your next house purchase, if it is dependant on where you would like to live and not purely an investment decision, some other key characteristics to consider could be the structure of the household occupancy.  Many times when I have assisted with unit purchases, the tenancy of the building has always been a top consideration between, holiday letting and the owner-occupier mix.

Rangeville household occupancy key characteristic is: Owns Outright at 41.1%, followed by Purchaser 31.6%, Renting at 25.5% and other 2%. House sales in Rangeville are on the steady increase with total sales in the area last year approximately 200 (houses) and the median house price is on the rise and as of October 2017, it was $429,500. Currently, in the suburb of Rangeville, there are 95 properties for sale.

(*These are my views and interpretations and are not financial advice and are not intended to be used as a  market prediction.)

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