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Dining Out
Finding your target market in social media and leveraging from trends

Bon appétite Toowoomba,

Are you ready for the growing trend in eating out? It is not by chance that franchises are expanding, coffee shops are sprouting up everywhere and the next niche market for scrumptious options are coming to fruition.

The numbers stack up to support this growing trend and Toowoomba is in the hot seat for #Foodie Trails, #paddock to plate experiences and food immersion events. Long has the district been known as the Salad bowl of Australia, but recognition is growing for supreme quality, Beef, Pork and Poultry, a match made in heaven for Foodie fanatics.

If we want to look at some data, the Commonwealth bank transactions data has revealed that customers are spending more than $640 million per month on eating out and diners are splurging around $140 per month each.

But you need to be ‘seen’ to be found and I heard a great tagline the other day “you can’t sell a secret” and for many business this is true. You require a #digital spotlight on your business, because I hate to tell you but you are who #google says you are.

Top Tip

You need to embrace the Tourism market, there is a pot of cash just waiting to be spent in your business, reach out to your local food and lifestyle bloggers, Tourism directories and partner with events.

Some great local options are:

Dine Darling Downs  – Toowoomba Living Visit Darling Downs



Photo credit : Dine Darling Downs

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