TRUST (noun)

Define trust as Integrity, Reliability, Accountable

Setting the scene for today’s conversation

Trust (emotion)

Definitions of trust typically refer to a situation characterised by the following aspects: One party is willing to rely on the actions of another party; the situation is directed to the future.

Synonym (noun) :Confidence, belief, assurance, responsibility, duty & obligation

All about TRUST

My subject for today is all about TRUST, a word often used but how do we define what trust is?  In the era of online marketing, social media connections and retargeted advertising; what is our trust/ value radar?

For me I come from the era of Face to Face or Business to Business connecting with local networks, which I have over time built up a valuable Trust Bank of values. Values define for me, the word trust rather than using the word with little meaning or intention, let’s look at VALUES.

In someone I trust they have the following values:

Dutiful, Accountable, Responsible, Integrity, Assurance, Reliable, Self-belief and Confidence.

handshakeShall we start with the good old Aussie assumption of the firm hand shake and look them in the eye, will give you an immediate calculation of TRUST.

It works for me, ticks the box as far as confidence, self-belief, dutiful and accountable. For this article I wont talk about intuition, because I want to ask the question when reaching out online what attracts you to a Brand, Person or Company?

I am really interested to know?  Why?  Because I have recently moved from a very successful 27 year career, in Building and Construction with my husband and have started on a new career path in Real Estate in Toowoomba. The biggest response I get from everyone is – you will be amazing because everyone can TRUST you. They also respond with, wow you have so much experience in building, buying, selling and Design, I am so excited for you. Still, TRUST is mentioned first.

Define trust

I have spent some time in the last few weeks working on my Bio and the much-needed elevator pitch and it was in a conversation with my Son – law that I used the word TRUST.  Our lengthy conversation was based on VALUES and the need to define TRUST. The outcome of our conversation was, if I am to define and track KPI’s – how is trust measured.

measured.pngSo now you will see I will be trustworthy and act with integrity because I am dutiful, accountable, responsible and reliable.

That’s my VALUES measure for my KPI’s, the task at hand is now to turn that into an amazing introduction that is believable in an online environment.  For me, the best way to do that is to collect Testimonials and Reviews, from my past valued clients, so you just might see a request coming your way.

Can you define for me what TRUST means to you? Leave a comment, I would love to know.

Let’s talk property, it’s my passion ……..

Leanne Gillam


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