Vlogging and your business

Mission impossible

Meeting the expectations of customers in the digital age is becoming increasingly challenging, with the mobile always on generation- expecting different experiences to that of big business. Nobody wants to wait in line, they want to access instant information, book now, compare, recommend and share, share and share.

Keeping people engaged will require better user experiences, that will make the difference to customers lives and this will often require interesting and cutting edge technology. With the rapid growth of Vlogging, your cutting edge technology may just be a Vlogger of Influence and its not just happening in the retail sector.

Why do organisations partner with Vloggers? It is all about brand exposure, growth in web traffic and increased sales, one little vlogger can do a lot. The social buzz created can go a long way to improving engagement across all social channels. Native=Gold $$


Your vibe attracts your Tribe

With new results being reviewed, advertisers are also discovering it is not the ‘Entertainer’ or ‘Famous’ or ‘Celebrity’ Influencer gaining the most impact with their perfect customer but what I call ‘The Social Influencer’ a person who has attracted a Tribe of engaged followers. With the ability to buy Followers, recognized brands are partnering with the most social engaged Influencer, watch out it could be you!


Follow Leanne Gillam Influencer Рsoon to be Vlogging!

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