Women’s Intuition

Breaking the glass ceiling and achieving gender parity in the work place.

Females hold the ‘Key to Success’

In 2014 WhichRealEstateAgent surveyed 155 Australian real estate agents and found that 65 per cent of agents believe that both genders feature in decision-making around sales.

Primary decision makers

Interestingly, a further 32 per cent see women as the primary decision makers, while just four per cent pointed to men as taking charge. If you’re a female in the industry, then, here lies an attractive opportunity to build a rapport with the decision-makers in a transaction and network with like-minded women.

‘only 4 % pointed to men taking charge’ 

Initial contact

In my 27 year career within the building industry, I can go even further to say that our initial point of inquiry for Building quotes were 95% female and 5% male. The reason often given for making an appointment for a construction consultation was the fact that they could talk to a female and not have to deal direct with the builder. It also helped that this was supported by our attention to detail, quality and multi award winning status within the building industry.

follow up

All in the follow up

What happen’s next is up to you, success is in the follow up. Such a simple phrase, yet so many fail to grasp that a simple phone call can lead to your next sale.    There’s a strong opportunity in the current market for a female real estate agent to market herself to key clients.  #influence 

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